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A triathlon is a combination of swimming, biking and running. There are various distances one can do: there’s the Sprint which consists of a 4-500 meter swim, a 13-16 mile bike ride and a 5k-or 3.1 mile run. Double those numers for an Olympic Tri, and keep doubling the numbers for a Half-Ironman and Full-Ironman. […]

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RIP Remix Manifesto

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Ever been in a club and hear the war-cry Reeeeeeemix?!!!!! Most of us know what a remix is. For those of you who don’t, I’m going to assume that you’re over 70 and I’ll explain it for you. A remix is where someone takes an original version of something, usually a song, but it can […]


New iPhone- “I don’t care.”

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I have and love the iPhone. I’ve never felt that way about any electronic device. I can honestly say that this phone feels like it’s changed my life. I never get lost anymore. I can get my email and check craigslist for that gotta-have-it deal of the day. And best of all, I can check […]


Michael’s Still Alive

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Today marks the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Everyone is affected differently by celebrity’s deaths. For some, it’s the worst day of their life, their hero is dead. For others, they could care less if a celebrity dies. I fall in the later crowd over Michael Jackson’s death. It’s not that I didn’t […]


Happy Father’s Day

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Today I feel like I am a part of an elite team of warriors. The members of our clan are often sleep deprived for weeks at a time. We’ve been forced to do things we would never do for ourselves. We’ve been thrown-up on, peed on, and been sneezed on directly into our mouths. No, […]

Cinco de Mayo

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Americans will celebrate anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s Super Bowl Weekend when you don’t watch football all year or St. Patrick’s Day when you’re not Irish, most Americans don’t need much of an excuse to throw a party. Today is Cinco de Mayo, which translates to “Fifth of May” in Spanish, and marks the […]

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My Friday, My Monday

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I’ve had the entire week off, and now that it’s Friday, I’m already dreading the alarm clock Monday morning. This week has gone by in a blur and I don’t even drink anymore. I had jury duty Monday. There were people there who I wouldn’t want deciding my fate no more than I’d want to […]

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Obama Signs Health Care Bill

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President Obama signed into law a national health care reform bill today. This is supposed to help approximately 34 million Americans who don’t have health care. Here are two people who may need it. Theresa Sokaitis, of Middletown Connecticut, age 87, is suing her sister Rose Bakaysa, of Plainville, Conn., age 84, for not sharing […]


Mo’Nique at the Oscars

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Does anyone even care about the Oscars anymore? Sure, I know the actors and actress do, it helps validate their careers. I’m talking about normal, everyday Americans? Anyone? I tried to watch the gliter-and-glitz but they played so many commercials that I just kept flipping back and forth from the Oscars to a repeat of […]

NYU Professor Flames Student

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I have grand delusions of being a college professor one day. I guess it’s the idea of sitting around, smoking a pipe and discussing deep intellectual thoughts that turns me on. That is until I read this article about a business student at NYU who showed up to her class an hour late. The professor […]

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