Flower Girl

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My purple plumeria unfolds
exposing her yellow center,
moisture drips down her petals
before she breaks free,
falling to the ground.


Magical Fingers

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Magical Fingers
run through your
dark hair
massaging your scalp
with fingertips
as they trickle down your cheek
and back up your jaw-line
leaving you feeling
like you’ve been sprinkled
with pixie dust.

Fingernails lightly caress your neck
and slide over the edge
of your shoulder
down your left arm
as goosebumps rise
like a million tiny suns,
a short sharp breath
followed by a sigh
leaves you melting
into the bed.


Seasonal Lovers

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Spring rolls through and her warmth penetrates everything.
Summer is a hot-blooded lover that every man needs at least once in his lifetime.
Autumn is cool, calm and full of color.
But when icy winter rolls around, every man prays for spring.


They Have Shots For Bad Attitudes Now

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There are signs everywhere

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These are two of my favorites.


Baton Bob

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When I first started dating my wife, there used to be a street performer named Baton Bob.

He was a bald black man who wore booty-shorts, usually with a matching vest, but sometimes shirtless. He usually had a top hat and almost always a baton.

Bob would march down the street in one of the busiest  in St. Louis with his bedazzled outfit, spinning his baton and blowing a coaches whistle. Everyone’s head would turn.

He disappeared from St. Louis sometime ago. Now i know where he went.


Running Behind

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I woke up for work an hour and thirty minutes before I had to leave today and was still thirty minutes late.

All I did was exercise for twenty-six minutes, then I marinated some chicken for a Hawaiian dish that I make about three times a year. I then took a shower and got ready to leave. As I was walking out the door, my daughter woke up, so I had to make her some chocolate milk and turn on the T.V. for her. I then kissed her goodbye.

More snow had fallen overnight, so I shoveled off the driveway so me and my wife could get in and out. Then people were driving especially slowly with all the snow on the ground…and the beat goes on.

I guess tomorrow I’ll need to get up two hours early



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I heard this song on the way home today. It was originally recorded by Trent Reznor from 9 Inch Nails, but Johnny Cash covered it and made the video right before he passed away.

The video is heartbreaking, covering Cash’s entire career right up to the old man sitting on his, “Empire of dirt.”

Click here
to see the video

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It’s amazing what a fresh set of sheets can do for your love life after not washing them for so long you’ve forgotten how long it’s been. They are almost like an untouched wall in the ghetto, begging to be graffitied.

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Snow Day

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I took a picture of my driveway and sent it to my boss. I added the water bottle for scale.

He wrote back and said, “Work from home.”

In the Northern states this would be nothing. In Missouri, it’s called a snow day.

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