5 Things to Do First, When Starting Your Business

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This is more about the video I made for this than it is the actual title of this post. I have recently started using OpenAi’s Chat GPT. I’ve been running down the rabbit hole on this one. In case you don’t know what Chat GPT is, I’d say Google it and go play with it, because it’s going to surpass Google in the next elevation of search.

I’m not going to try to convince you here. All you need to know is it’s the newest latest and greatest on the internet. Basically, you type a question in the search bar, and it will spit out an answer. The more detailed you get the with question, the more interesting answers you’ll get.

I asked it, “What are 5 things you should do first when starting your business?”

It gave me about a 1500 word essay with several points that you should do.

Then I went over to a video editor call Veed.io (<–See what they did there?) I then hit the New Video button. I cut and pasted the 1500 character essay from Chat GPT into the Text to Speech box. But on Veed, you can only use 1000 words with the free version. So I paired down Chat GPT’s essay to 1000 characters or less. I believe it is in the high-990’s when I finished my edit. It may even be 1000 exactly, and if you actually count that, you have too much time on your hands.

I then picked some scenarios to go with the words. I was able to drag and drop them on a timeline. I could shorten up the scenes, drop in others and create intros and outros.

The video you are about to see is my first attempt at creating a video. A.I. wrote the script from the question I asked it. I then edited that text and created the closed captioning. I didn’t have to type the whole script out, it literary was a click of a button and I went in to make sure the words matched. There were only a couple small mistakes I had to fix.

The voice on the video is an A.I. voice that I picked. Looking back, I should have slowed her voice down a little, but it was my first crack at it.

I also figured out that questions don’t always sound good with A.I. when they read them aloud. Then when I went back to change the wording in the question, I couldn’t figure out how to re-record it from the Text-to-Speech box.

The point is, it took me about an hour of sitting down, firing up my computer, going back and finding the sites, researching them, getting my video link, signing into WordPress, thinking about things I should change on the home page, which this all started off searching for early works of Leonardo Di Vinci for another essay I was writing…my point is, humans get side tracked. Chat GPT spit out a 1500 character essay in about 25 seconds and this post took me almost 2 hours to create with the video embedded into the site.

Learning to make the video was very intuitive. I watched a video on YouTube that briefly explained the above in about 4 minutes. It then took me about 5 minutes to get the text and pictures picked out. The hardest part was editing the Closed Caption to match the scenes and outros. The whole thing took me about an hour to create for about 1:20 seconds worth of video material. But again, it was my first time. All said it done, I spent about 3 hours on this project, including explaining it here. I could probably crank one out the next one in about 10 or 15 minutes, and the next time after that will be even quicker. You have to start somewhere and teaching someone else is the easiest way to get a skill down even faster.

Ok, enough of the technical. If you haven’t played with the stuff talked about above, I’d encourage you to START!

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