Happy New Years Eve

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As I was getting ready to write my last post of the year, I thought I would revisit my blog posts from last year. As I scrolled back in time, I realized that things could have been better, but they also could have been worse.

This is my post from last New Year’s Day…
Happy New Year 2012
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As I’ve gotten older, I have started to realize that maybe my elders are on to something. Some of the sayings that they say are starting to make sense now.

For instance, my Grandma has always said, “Don’t do anything on the first of the year that you don’t want to do all year long.”

Since writing is one of the things I’d like to do all year long, I thought I’d write a quick post.
2011 was one of the roughest years I’ve ever had, financially anyway. But I plan on changing that this year. My wife accepted a new job that I hope works out for her.

I plan on getting my book published this year. I’m two weeks away from my self-imposed deadline of finishing my final draft before I send it off to my new editor. I also plan on working with an Internet marketing coach this year to help get one of my three websites off the ground.

I know that my Grandma is right. Doing something that you want to do on the first of the year is a good start for the rest of the New Year. Now I have just 364 more days to go. (Actually, it’s 365 more days this year because it’s a leap year.) I guess that means I’ll have to do this writing thing again tomorrow.

Good luck to you on whatever your new endeavors are for 2012. Take it day by day and work on whatever you want consistently this year and I’m sure by this time next year, you’ll be well on your way.
So now that it’s a year later, what did I accomplish this year?

Well my book’s still not published, however it is completely edited. The editing process was supposed to take two weeks; it became a five month project. Regardless, it’s ready to send out and I’ve contacted a dozen agents. (I need to contact a dozen more if I don’t hear anything by the end of January.)

I did work with an internet marketing coach this year; in fact I worked with three different coaches this year. I’m still not where I want to be, but I am headed in the right direction.

My wife got a different job than the one she had last year at this time. She was out of work for nine months of the year this year. But in the last two months, she has already received a promotion and a raise, so things are going well there.

My little girl started day care and is taking off. Her vocabulary is improving and she loves doing, “projects,” which I love doing with her. I hate the fact that daycare costs more than the monthly payment on a Mercedes Benz—I’m not exaggerating. But we are going to start looking around for a different school soon and we won’t pull her out of her current school until we find one that’s just as good, only cheaper.

If I could name what I want by this time next year it would be: I would like to have my book published. I would like our family to be doing more than just surviving, anyone can do that. I want our family to thrive. I want Tejal and me both to be doing work we love and getting paid well for it. I also want our family and friends to be safe and to prosper. I also want to lose at least forty pounds so I can look good at my 20th year reunion this year in Las Vegas.

Things I don’t want this year are: I don’t want to live in fear of our children be hurt at school, or not knowing whether or not we’re going to make the bills, or wondering if our parents health is going to hold out.

I don’t want our country to keep getting into wars and shipping our young people off to fight for an agenda that is completely self-serving—not for us as Americans, but for politicians and corporations.

This all may be wishful thinking, but I’m allowed to do that around New Year’s time. The hardest thing to do is to think consciously all year long. That’s the reason resolutions rarely work. Hopefully by this time next year, I’m not reading this again going…“Man, I should have done more with my life this year.”

I hope that you are able to accomplish all that you set out to do this year as well. If you make a commitment, keep it at the forefront of your mind. I’m sure you can do anything you want, but you have to do it consciously. But if you want a little help, go to stickk.com for some motivation. Click here to find out more. Otherwise have a great New Year. And as my wife’s family would say, “I hope you have a healthy and wealthy prosperous life.”


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