March Madness Basketball Brackets Are Out

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I’ve never been a sports guy. As a rule, I think sitting around watching sports on television is a big waste of time. I have a few exceptions to this rule though. They are: when the Cardinals, Rams or Blues make it to the playoffs, then I’ll start watching. I know, I’m a fair-weather fan, but I have a whole bunch of other shit I’d rather be doing than sitting around watching a losing team.

The other exceptions to my no sports rule is when the Olympics or March Madness are on. I love finding a sports bar that has 30 plus TV’s and they’re all on different games. There’s just something about seeing the non-stop action that makes me feel like I’m not wasting three hours of my life.

CNN said that close to 1.8 billion dollars are wasted in the workplace every year because of March Madness. Employees spend hours researching their picks for their brackets on who will make it to the Big Dance. Or they call in sick to watch the game. Or they write about it on their blogs. 😉

I usually pick the No. 1 and No. 2 teams and let it run from there. Duke is almost always my #1 choice and they are again this year.

But I guess for me, what makes it all tolerable is placing down your five bucks, picking your teams and sitting there watching the highlights for a couple of weeks and felling involved. Hearing of some no-name team like Siena or Morgan State knock out a big favoriate like Kansas usually elicts a, “Well there goes that one,” from someone around you. I love that, especially when it’s Kansas.

Will Duke win this year? Probably not. They’ll get knocked out at the Sweet 16 and piss me off like they have every year for the last five years straight, but I bet them anyway. Why? Because if I don’t, this will be the year they actually pull it off and then I’ll really be pissed.

So if you’re going to play, don’t play at work. But in case you need help picking your brackets, here’s a good link:

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