My Daughter Wants To Be A Singer

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I have a 7 year old daughter and she wants to be a singer. Let me take that back, she wants to be a, “famous singer.”

When I’ve tried to tell her all the ups-and-downs of being a famous singer, all the hard work that you have to do and how much she has to learn, she has responded with, “It’s my dream dad.”

When she’s says that, it makes me feel like who am I to start pissing on her seven-year old dreams? Even if I don’t really like the idea of her career choice, I feel like I should support her where I can.

(In case it isn’t obvious, the reasons I don’t like it is because: there’s a likely hood of drug use, fame = loss of privacy, slander and general hatefulness of people toward celebrities. I just don’t really want those things for my daughter.

However, I know there’s an upside too: She could have the ability to potentially uplift millions of people with her music. People equate music and songs to particular times in the lives, so she’d have that influence as well. She gets to cut her own career path. And if she wants to be a, “famous singer,” I get to give her her first music lessons to get started.

She has written several original songs already at her young age and a couple of them are actually pretty good. She begged me to make a video of her singing and put it on YouTube, which I did. I then shared it and now she has dozens of “views” and “likes” on Facebook.

But all she was worried about the day after we uploaded it was, “How many views does it have now dad?”

“I don’t know, let’s look it up…50,” I said.

“Really 50?! Wow! I’m so happy. I can’t wait until it has 100!” she said.

“Really Jaya? All your worried about now is getting to 100?” I said.

I can see the monster growing and at my core I really don’t want to encourage it. But as a person who writes a lot about career and personal development, I feel like I’d be being a hypocrite if I didn’t at least do what I can to help her. So I’m going to post her videos here for people to see. I had about 1500 subscribers the last time I looked at my list, so even if only 5% of my readers view the video, it will put her over her, “100 views,” goal.

The only thing I can see happening now is that she’ll set her next goal at 1000 views. And that wouldn’t be so bad if the, “sharing,” starts being organic and not just because dad did all the work besides the singing part.

It’s funny because as I’m writing this, I’m thinking of two people who I can contact about singing lessons and background music. I guess my views are already changing.

Here are both of Jaya’s videos: Here’s her first one. We’ll Always Be Together Now.


Here’s her second one, Standing On Top of The World.


If you view it, give it a “Thumbs Up,” she’ll be excited even it if it only gets 5 or 10. (And thank you in advance.)




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