Obama Signs Health Care Bill

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President Obama signed into law a national health care reform bill today. This is supposed to help approximately 34 million Americans who don’t have health care. Here are two people who may need it.

Theresa Sokaitis, of Middletown Connecticut, age 87, is suing her sister Rose Bakaysa, of Plainville, Conn., age 84, for not sharing her Powerball winnings with her. Sokaitis said that she’s entitled to some of the $500,000 winnings because they had a written contract to share all gambling winnings. Rose said she ripped that up a couple of years ago when they had a falling out. Theresa said, “I didn’t.”

Rose did share the $500,000 winnings with her brother because they are the ones who bought the ticket together. She also gave $10,000 to her niece, who is Theresa’s daughter.

A lower court ruled against the sister seeking the money (Theresa) because Connecticut does not honor gambling contracts. But the Supreme Court said the contract was legal because it’s a legal activity. The case is now set go to trial.

Personally, I think the two are going to give each other a heart attack, and then there won’t be any money left because the attorneys are going to take it all. Then when the money runs out and they’re both sitting in the hospital, we the taxpayers will have to pay for their healthcare.

I’m not saying that I agree with or disagree with the health care reform bill because I haven’t read it. But I will say that $500,000 is enough money that you can throw your sister a bone. I mean at 84 and 87, how much money do you need? I mean really, how much time do you have left? But instead of burying the hatchet and enjoying their time together, they’d rather fight it out in court and let the lawyers have the money instead.

What I say is to the whole thing is this, save the drama for your mama and throw your sister a bone; and while we’re at it, let’s leave Obama alone. (At least for today.)
Now go out and hurt yourself, you’ve got free healthcare.



  • big K says:

    you just added that about health care and Obama to keep you up on Googles list didnt you

  • dwallace says:

    Maybe…I thought I’d talk about the healthcare bill without the discussion getting all crazy.

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