The Biggest Loser’s Conda is a Bitch

Posted by dwallace on February 1, 2012 in The Biggest Loser |

Ok, I admit it. I watch The Biggest Loser. I’ll even admit that sometimes it makes me cry. The people on the show can be so inspirational. But last night’s show really pissed me off. If you don’t watch the show, I’ll give you a very brief update.

One couple on the show, Adrian and Daphne, got sent home on their very first day. They were told that if they lost 50 lbs combined in 30 days, they would be able to come back on the show. Well Daphne lost 25 lbs. and Adrian lost 34 lbs., so they got to come back to the ranch.

As soon as they were placed on their perspective teams, the bitching began.
Two girls on the red team named Conda and Kim, didn’t like Adrian right away. They both felt like he was lying about how much he worked out at home. Then Conda started taking conversations out of context and began spreading rumors about Adrian. She then complained about him constantly to anyone who would listen and was really being a raging, immature bitch.

Why am I explaining all this to you? The reason is because the Condas of the world can destroy a good team. Whether it’s in sports or at work, a Conda will keep people tense and keep the team separated into groups or cliques. This will ultimately destroy the team. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the red team will not be winning this season.

So just for today, if someone starts being negative by gossiping and bitching about other people, please tell them, “Stop being a Conda.”

If they ask, “What does that mean?”

Just respond with, “A girl who’s a gossipy bitch.” And believe me, it will work better if the offender is a guy.

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  • margie says:

    Guys gossip? Who knew?

  • Melissa says:

    I completely agree with everything you said. I am utterly disgusted by her. She is just a mean, evil person who does not deserve to be there. All I can say is….Karma is a bitch!!!

  • Rudy says:

    Amen, There hasn’t been one controversy this season that didn’t have Conda, bitchin’, in the middle of it. Good call. I’m amazed at how quickly the other team members folded under the weight of her meddling. Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

  • Heather says:

    She has been such a bitch from day one. Wish she would be GONE.

  • sandy says:

    I agree, conda is such a bitch. is makes me sick! she manipulates everyone on the team to vote for the person she doesn’t like. she even manipulated her brother and other ppl in the black team! conda is such a disgrace for this programm.

  • kiury82 says:

    conda, stfu, like really all you do is cry and whine and talk shit about the others the only reason people didn’t get pissed at you for your 2 lb weight loss is because you begin to tear up like you always do to get out of shit like, if you don’t get voted off soon, i just hope you spend every week falling on your face “all he’s done since he got here is start drama” uh no, that’s all you “all the frustrations this week led up to these two pounds” LOL OKAY SO NOW FEELINGS HAVE WEIGHT

  • nninicr says:

    i agree. she was a bitch before this week too

  • dwallace says:

    Margie, the only difference between guys gossip is they usually premise theirs with, “I like the guy but…”

  • dwallace says:

    She’s like a kung-fu master when it comes to deflection. She lost the exact same amount of weight, but somehow it was Adrian’s fault that they didn’t win the weigh in.

  • Sam says:

    Totally agree!!! She is such a bitch that I actually felt the need to google conda is a bitch and actually found multiple websites!!! Kim is just as bad!!!! They both are bitter bitches!!

  • AMC says:

    She is an ana-conda for sure & worst contestant ever. Her evil nature gets to everyone, one way or another and not many lost weight I think due to the drama.

  • dwallace says:

    I did the same thing Sam and there weren’t any sites that morning yet, so I decided to write this post. It was indexed by Google in less than 15 minutes after writing it.

  • ff says:

    I did the same thing as Sam who commented above. Out of frustration, after watching the last episode, I googled “conda bitch” and found multiple results. This week I tried to count how many times during the episode Conda used the word “like”, but I had to stop halfway through in order to keep my sanity.

  • Andrea says:

    Conda is certainly a loser, and I’m not talking weight. I can’t even stand to hear her talk. What a total idiot. Couldn’t TBL producers find smeone more interesting and with a speck of watchable personality? She is a wannabe, gossipy, pathetic cow, and if they don’t get smart and vote her off, she is going to poison the team, and ruin their chances. Dolvett needs to tell her to shut her fat mouth, put all that energy she uses on all that negativity to use in the gym. Whats she lost, like 12 lbs now?? Pfffffft! She’s destined to be a fat gossipy idiot forever, she doesnt get it.

  • Brande says:

    So funny…I too googled “Conda is a bitch”. She is so annoying!!! We all have met at least one Conda!

  • Lauri says:

    Hate the BITCH.. VOTE HER OFF ,GET HER OFF so we don’t have to listen to her bitching and whinning… YUK YUK Yuk,,,, ugly personality.. Won’t matter how much weight she loses.. she will still be a BITCH!!!!

  • KD says:

    Yup, I googled it too. I just want to slap her!!

  • Jeff says:

    I did the same exact thing as Sam did. Too funny! She and Kim are total bitches, but Conda takes the cake. Her little head shake aditude thing pisses me off. I hope Adrian comes back and wipes the floor with her. Mark is also a dick.

  • Joseph C says:

    Thank god I’m not the only one that hates her. Hate is a strong word but I don’t think it’s strong enough for this person. I have never seen someone bitch so much calling people cheaters and this and that. Why hasn’t she been kicked off? I’ll tell you. The one time someone votes for her and they are the only one Conda will con everyone in to kicking that person off. I’m also tired of how people treat Adrean. They need to get over it. He earned his spot back according to the biggest losers rules. If they have someone to be pissed at it should be the crew of the show. Vote for Conda as in vote her off.

  • RNC says:

    Conda needs to go home. She is such a birch and so rude. Every time she rolls her eyes, makes me want to punch her through the tv. Lol

  • zee chen says:

    Cannot STAND her. People like her are such trouble makers. I find this group very unlikeable.
    My favorite people are the brother and sister who came back.
    Zero charisma with the rest of this group. Super immature and so bitchy most of them actually and than the wimpy red team who just let her be a bitch like that are at fault too.

  • John says:

    Conda is a fat cunt. Nothing more.

  • sheebeest says:

    I am so disappointed that this show, which is usually positive and inspiring, is giving this negative, whining, mean girl a platform. I really won’t watch anymore if this is where they are taking the show. I get enough negativity from watching my Real Housewives shows!

    Obviously there is much we don’t see on camera, but why the rest of the cast seem to tolerate her infantile behavior is puzzling. Are they all that spineless?

    I was especially horrified to find out conda had procreated! Imagine what she is teaching her children! AUGGGH!

  • Lizzie says:

    I also google Conda is a bitch! I didn’t realise I am not the only one! Great O.P.

  • Christine says:

    Ugh, so glad it’s not just me! The hubby actually left the room and said ‘this is why I can’t watch this show anymore!’ when Conda started going off. I’m one week behind in watching, but seriously, I don’t even know if I want to watch next week because of her major drama.

  • conda hater says:

    I can’t stand her. She needs to be voted off immediately. I hope she gets kicked off and gains weight.

  • nunya says:

    i’m so glad to see that Conda is getting the appropriate amount of hatred spread about her on the internet right now and i thank you sir for attributing to it. in all the years i’ve watched the Biggest loser i don’t think i’ve ever wished anyone more ill will than i wish Conda. Adrian never had a chance being put on a team with that immature, petty bitch and honestly i think he handled himself pretty well in the face of all the hate she generated toward him.

    am i the only one that is horrified this girl is a mother? she’s going to raise her daughter to be just like her, as if we needed more people like Conda in this world….

  • pl says:

    I am a huge fan of Biggest Loser, because of the education and love. But when the contestants are mean to each other it makes me not want to watch the show.The producers should know that when they cast Bitches like Kim and Conda, it doesn’t help the ratings, it hurts it. I hope one day someone will treat Conda like they way she treat other people. I too was so upset from watching the show I google “Conda is a bitch”

  • dwallace says:

    This has been the most successful post I have ever written. Thank you to all who have commented.
    I think Conda has the potential to come around after last night’s show, but I guess we will see.

  • ExamsKing says:

    Hello there! Good stuff, do keep me posted when you publish again something like that!

  • chrispy says:

    I googled “Conda is a bitch” and got this site! Awesome post. Conda makes me think of all of those beeotches I’ve worked with – all complaints ruins the group dynamic. But the real problem? The enablers – you know team members who don’t stand up to the Condas of the world. And don’t forget the WORST enablers of all – the team leaders (the Bobs of the world) – people who “step in” but don’t have any useful strategies to deal with the problem…just “blah, blah, blah…”

  • MC says:

    @pl…I googled conda is a bitch too because I can’t stand her. I want her gone! This is the worst season to date because of her and her rude brother.

  • makeupgirl says:

    Conda is the biggest bitch, not the biggest loser. She sabotaged everyone this season. This week, the focus was on self-control. Every single person there at the ranch, except Daphne, handed over all of the control to Conda. She is lording over all of the other people. I can’t imagine that ranch is teaching these people anything about real-life weight loss because all they are caring about is the game and letting Conda tell them what to do. It is really sad.

  • Stewart says:

    Thanks for starting this blog…… AMEN ~ I can’t wait to see her get voted off the Biggest Loser. I live in Michigan and I sure hope I don’t run into her! She think she felt the wrath of Daphane, She ain’t seen nothing yet! Peace =)

  • maggie says:

    Jayzus! I am sooo done with BL and that bitch Conda. Just can’t take it anymore and couldn’t be more disappointed with the BL producers who have encouraged this bullsh-t to continue for ratings. What happened to changing people’s lives?

  • maggie says:

    oh…and guess what, I applaud your optimism that Conda could come around, but the bitch didn’t. Watch tonight’s show and see for yourself…and then stop watching BL all together. Ugh. What an ugly to the core, heartless, selfish bitch she is.

  • Karen says:

    I too googled Conda is a bitch and found this and many other blogs on they subject.

    I used to run a bar. We had all female bartenders and everyone got along great. Then one day, I hired a Conda. It was so confusing for a while that everyone was fighting and the girls were telling me it was Conda and I just couldn’t see it. Well, in the end I had to fire her for something and life went back to normal at work. Boy was she good! She managed to deflect and was so damn convincing. I guess manipulative Bitch would best describe.

    so yes, I hate that girl.

  • sammo says:

    Conda is a MEGA-CUNT!!! She brings nothing positive to this world, poisonous garbage bitch… and for her to call herself a good role model for her kids when she was the ring leader for operation “stuff my face with bread and vote Daphne off”. The rest of the black team is just as guilty for going along with it, spineless fucks…

    This article is right on the money: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/the-biggest-loser/the-biggest-loser-recap-the-co-43985.aspx

    There’s also a “Vote Conda off the Biggest Loser Petition” Facebook page


    Karma will take care of her in the end, when she returns to real life, the whole world will spit on her and bitch slap her ass. I just feel bad for her kids that they have a mom like Conda

  • Larry Darrell says:

    Conda and Kim appear racist to me. As soon as some real African people showed up, they went ballistic. They never gave Adrian and Daphne a chance. They resented A and D’s joy. They really are bitches, or at least NBC is editing it to make them look like bitches.

  • MicheleSF says:

    Conda has a cold, black, lifeless heart. She does not deserve to be on the show because she is not deserving of the help.

  • Bonnie says:

    I googled “Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates Conda”, and found this website. I, too,
    don’t understand why the red team and now the black team as well, seem to listen to and follow her. Are they that weak and oblivious themselves? I hope she ‘gets hers’ soon, because I am so sick of her acting like she is so innocent in the elimination room.

  • christopher says:

    send the biotch home hell make her an honorary kardashian “KONDA KARDASHIAN”
    I anyone brings drama into the house its CONDA. And to say shes a role model for her child she should be ashamed of herself.

  • leah says:

    I have always watched the biggest loser, and i have never said “I don’t like that contestant.” But in Condas case… i am willing to make an exception. She will not be the biggest loser, but we can say she is the biggest BITCH in the history of the show. THe thing is….no one on the ranch gets that…………….that does not make sense to me. Anways I HATE CONDA. I hope she reads this.

  • KKL says:

    I have to agree with you. I love the show too, it’s great, but Conda is such a beeyach – Kim too. The eye-rolling, snotty facial expressions, the gossipping, the negativity – they’re such “debbie downers.” Daphne and Adrian are great and such positive and insprational people and if my family member or friend was in Adrian’s place and I was in Daphne’s, I would have made all the choices Daphne did as well – the team swich, etc.

    Conda had it coming!



  • Bel Sol says:

    Conda is the biggest, immature, ridiculous, uneducated contestant on The Biggest Loser. She acted like a racist towards Adrian. Conda needs to leave the show and grow up. She says she’s a role model for her daughter. Yeah right. This is the worst cast I have ever watched on the show. I only watch because of Bob.

  • David Williams says:

    100% no doubt about it Conda is an absolute bitch. I watch this show weekly, and never have I seen a contestant on this show that I hate as much as I do Conda. I am not a religious person, but this is a person that I feel should be stoned to death. I love how Conda also claims to be a role model, because she is anything but that. If there was any justice in the world Child Protective Services would put Conda’s children into foster care to ensure that they had a more productive life. I wish she’d stop losing weight and died an unhappy death being 200+ pounds. She is not only unfit health-wise, but also unfit as a mother. The greatest joy I could ever receive at this point is seeing her sent home before the finals.

  • Conda is such a small-town, lame, pathetic, f-ing bitch. With a capital B.

  • And yes, I agree, they seem to be racist. Doesn’t make me proud to be American.

  • Jiggaboolove says:

    >David Williams:
    YES! Hahaha you don’t realize how much that made me laugh. You took the exact words from me before I could post them.
    After watching the latest episode of Biggest Loser couldn’t help but google “conda is a BITCH” to see what people are saying. Poisonous whore. Btw the episode where the went to her hometown…no baby’s daddy (clear indicator being that the child is mixed yet there were no black people present), wonder why!?

  • MacKenna says:

    Agree, Conda is nasty, but her team mates are passive and enable her. Kim is one of the worst. Bullies only get away with bullying because many people around them support what they say and do. Conda’s the kind of person who needs to be bitchslapped every time she says something mean.

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