New Year’s Resolution Check-In

Posted by dwallace on January 18, 2016 in Martin Luther King, New Year, New Years Resolutions |

We are in the third week of the New Year, how are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? If you’re like most Americans, they’ve either come and gone or you’re still waiting to get started. I decided not to do New Year’s Resolutions this year. I did however make five goals that I wanted to […]

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New Year’s Resolutions and End Of the Year Inventory – 2015

Posted by dwallace on December 30, 2015 in New Year, New Years Resolutions |

Every year around this time I start taking inventory of my life and looking back at what’s happened over the last year. This year was a bumpy ride for me and my family. I haven’t written about it up until now, but after 10 years of marriage, my wife and I separated at the end […]

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New Year’s Day 2014

Posted by dwallace on January 1, 2014 in New Year, New Years Resolutions |

My Grandma emails me every year on New Year’s Day and tells me, “There’s an old Irish saying that says, ‘Don’t do anything on the first day of the year that you don’t want to do all year long.’” Today I got up, ran on the treadmill, set some goals, wrote in my journal and […]


Last Chance Workout

Posted by dwallace on January 28, 2013 in Biggest Loser, doctor, Dolvette, goals, half marathon, losing weight, New Years Resolutions, running |

Today is Monday, which means The Biggest Loser is on tonight. I love when Biggest Loser (B.L.) starts a new season because in the past, it has always been a reminder for me to keep working out during the week. But this year I seem to feel different than I have in the past. In […]

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Happy New Years Eve

Posted by dwallace on December 31, 2012 in New Years Resolutions |

As I was getting ready to write my last post of the year, I thought I would revisit my blog posts from last year. As I scrolled back in time, I realized that things could have been better, but they also could have been worse. This is my post from last New Year’s Day… **************************************************************************************** […]


Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Posted by dwallace on December 27, 2012 in New Years Resolutions |

Well it’s that time a year again. It’s time to dust off your old resolutions and have another try at them again this year. Do you want a 78% chance of making your resolutions come true this year? If you’re serious about making your New Year’s Resolutions goals this year, why not put your money […]


7 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted by dwallace on December 21, 2010 in marathon, New Years Resolutions |

7. Name it—Write down exactly what you want to do. I want to lose 40 lbs. Or I want to run a marathon. 6. Give it a deadline—I want to lose 40 lbs. by July. Or I want to run a marathon in August. 5. Review it—Get a Post-it note and hang it some place […]


Running fast but going nowhere

Posted by dwallace on February 1, 2010 in going nowhere, New Years Resolutions |

Well, I took my own advice today as far as a Resolution goes. I got up at the butt-crack of dawn and ran on the treadmill. Actually it was more of a walk with two minutes of running thrown in. Why would I subject myself to this early morning torture? Because I’m getting to the […]


Still Resolutioning?

Posted by dwallace on January 27, 2010 in, New Years Resolutions |

Well, it’s almost the end of the first month of the new decade. How is your New Year’s Resolution coming along? That good huh? I think most people make a Resolution to stop some sort vice and to start exercising and to lose weight. Well my vice is writing. So instead of stopping something this […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by dwallace on January 1, 2010 in getting published, goals, New Years Resolutions |

I am all for New Year’s Resolutions, even though I rarely keep them. Another year of promising myself I’ll exercise more and make more time for myself. I have been able to quit drinking, smoking and chewing tobacco but all three of those weren’t for Resolution Reasons. Those were more or less do or die […]

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